Mommy's Fit Pregnancy (Virtually)

Mommy's Fit Pregnancy (Virtually)

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GymNi LLC's goal is to help each and every mom to be stay confident, strong, and feel your absolute best during child birth and postpartum recovery!

Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy:

• Boost your energy

• Get your body back faster after childbirth

• Helps with both mental strength, physical strength and well-being

• Improves self-image

• Prepares your body for childbirth

• Reduce pregnancy discomfort

• Reduce stress and lift your spirits

• Sleep better

• Smoother process with back pain and mourning sickness

We offer one on one coaching/ training as well as small group training!

Come join GymNi Gladiators for the support system and guidance you need to have an amazing process of child birth!

GymNi's Fit Mommy's 8 pack
(Trainig 2x a week)

✓ Personalized recommendations and guidance throughout pregnancy. (value $97)

Weekly Pregnancy Workout Schedule

✓ 8 session a month 2x a week
✓ Custom meal plan to aid in reaching desired goal
✓ Nutrition guidance
✓ Mandatory cardio schedule